COVID-19 update

The offices of NGBH have always been private.

What that means is that you HAVE THE WAITING ROOM TO YOURSELF. This is standard practice for us, but during this pandemic, it is invaluable for our clients.

We have a private bathroom, and we have wipes places outside the entrance to our waiting room. If you grab one to open the door, you will never touch a surface while in our suite.

We have placed the therapy chairs further apart to comply with Governor Dewine and Dr. Amy Acton's physical distancing recommendations (sidebar: talk about an exemplar of leadership), and because our practice is managed using a cloud based system, you never have to touch ANYTHING.

Our practice manager works remotely, our initial paperwork packet is sent electronically for you to print and complete in the privacy of your own home. We are as risk mitigated as can be for an essential service.

And still, if you DESIRE telehealth (remote or video sessions) we can do this! In fact, I must say, I have LOVED getting to meet my clients pets these last two weeks. It is an unexpected intimacy during this time of novel problems and physical distance.

We care about our clients. We are committed to providing exceptional services. Now more than ever perhaps, taking care of our mental health should be a priority!!

Anxiety kills two things: empathy and complex problem solving. Literally! When marinating in fear,  the parts of our brains that guide us toward empathy and problem solving SHUT OFF.

(This is my hypothesis for the toilet paper issue---it is a "simple" problem to solve).

If you were facing personal or professional challenges BEFORE COVID, I know they did not magically resolve. Keep yourself on the to do list and know, we are here for you.

In good health,

Dr. Melissa