NGBH is hiring!


We are experiencing so much demand that it is time to GROW

Ideal Candidate:

If you have been thinking about private practice work, and have not yet taken the leap, NOW IS THE TIME!

 Licensed counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers and psychologists in an agency setting—check out Next Generation Behavioral Health!

We are looking for:

Someone looking to START with evening or weekend hours.

Someone who thinks of themselves as a business owner, and strives to provide exceptional service to our clients, in addition to exceptional clinical care (which are two different things).

Someone interested in conducting training/workshops or speaking with teams/companies or at conferences (not necessary, but an opportunity if interested).

The NGBH commitment:

Office space that is beautifully appointed.

Independent access to the encrypted, cloud based practice management software and email system.

Customized scheduling-our practice manager will schedule you completely, you can do this all yourself., or come up with some combination that works for you.

Near immediate filling of a schedule once credentialled.

Supportive of flexibility and autonomy in creating your own schedule, as well as areas of specialization. 

Assistance throughout the credentialing process.

Innovative, progressive model of reimbursement, and mentorship toward “graduating” clinicians to eventually run your own practice if that is your vision! 

Email a letter of interest and a CV to Jessica at to initiate a conversation!  


20 years of experience put to use for YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR EMPLOYEES

Dr. Melissa Briggs-Phillips is a clinical and consulting psychologist. After completing her Ph.D. in Psychology, she spent years leading projects in health care, community development and higher education.

She taught her first graduate school course in 1999 and fell in love with teaching. Her classrooms may no longer be auditoriums of college students but she continues to think of her corporate speaking and training as teaching at its core. 

Dr. Briggs-Phillips continued teaching and providing clinical care during her years serving as Project Director, Director of Research Resources, Executive Director of an Innovation Center and Chief of Staff. In 2014 she opened Next Generation Behavioral Health in Columbus, Ohio with a singular vision: to provide exceptional services to individuals and companies. 

Her "hybrid" model of practice blends her own experiences managing people and projects with her training as a behavioral scientist and therapist. While her style is warm and open, she is focused on achieving outcomes that are meaningful for her clinical and corporate clients.

Call 800 570 1509 with any questions about clinical (therapy), performance coaching or speaking services. 



The offices of Next Generation are designed for YOU. The waiting room is private so you can come early and have water, coffee, tea and STILLNESS. A client recently described it as a "nicely appointed sensory deprivation chamber". 

Dr. M describes therapy as "Part art, part science, and all strategy. I pull from empirically supported treatment models, but work very hard to know my clients worlds and package the tools in useful ways. "

She specializes in helping therapy clients resolve:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Recovery from toxic family systems or work environments
  • Thriving during turbulent life transitions (chosen or not!)
  • Grief and loss

She specializes in coaching:

  • Mental toughness
  • Working for, with and managing Personality Disorders
  • Removing internal barriers to advancement
  • Behavioral Management in spite of "big feels"
  • Taking a team from revenue chasing to intention
  • Surviving acquisitions and mergers
  • Leading with courage
  • Being a next generation leader
  • Identifying your "NEXT" 
  • Managing millennials with wisdom

Dr. Melissa has over 20 years of experience with adult survivors of childhood sexual trauma. She is also committed to supporting veterans who have transitioned from service to the private sector. Her GRIT Training has been informed by these warriors stories. In the last several years, without fail, after EVERY SINGLE corporate keynote or seminar, where she has shared her background-someone reaches out for the first time to work through trauma from their past. She believes this work is sacred and will never give it up.



"I resist the moniker 'motivational speaker'. I do however understand the power of a well timed presentation of concepts to groups and teams. I have organized and sponsored conferences myself, so I get how impactful it can be to set the tone for an event. I strive to create something meaningful for anyone that trusts me with those precious stage minutes at their conferences and retreats." 

Sample organizational clients for speaking, training or coaching services include:

  • Scotts Miracle Grow
  • The Entrepreneurship Institute
  • Bricker and Eckler, LLP Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati offices
  • ReVision Lasik Eye Care
  • Honda
  • University of Akron
  • Kent State University
  • Summa Health
  • Ohio State University
  • Wexner Medical Center
  • Ohio State University Advancement Records
  • Ohio State University Office of Human Resources
  • Ohio State University Provost Office
  • SafeAuto
  • Agudas Achim
  • Ohio Health
  • Wexner Heritage Village
  • L Brands
  • Victoria's Secret
  • KPMG
  • CAPA
  • Steiner Real Estate
  • City of Akron Police Department
  • Fifth/Third Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Alliance Data
  • Women for Executive Leadership and Development (WELD)
  • Ohio Bursars Association
  • Women in Pensions Network
  • Fisher College of Business
  • Human Resources Association of Central Ohio (HRACO)
  • Ohio Restaurant Association

how do I begin therapy?


This is Jessica and she is amazing!

800 570 1509 Ext 2

Jessica, our Practice Manager, will answer any of your questions around scheduling, logistics, insurance and fees.

If you are calling on behalf of a company or organization looking for a speaker or coaching services, Jessica is a great place to ask initial questions and explain what you are looking for!

You are also welcome to email her and request a call!

2256 1/2 E Main St Suite C Bexley, OH 43209

Our offices are the white, arched doors to the right of the entrance to the Drexel Theater.

Plenty of parking is available and close!

A first step is to schedule a FREE phone consultation with Dr. M

Jessica will work with you to schedule a call.

Currently only DAY hours remain for appointments.

If there are no openings on Dr. Briggs-Phillips schedule, Jessica will collaborate with you to find a referral. We do our best to have an updated list of practitioners and practices that are accepting new clients, and offer this complimentary service.

Evening engagements for corporate clients are scheduled as needed.

a message to men about therapy


These are dendrites! Aren't they beautiful? Well. They rule you.

The dopamine and serotonin that these suckers marinate in dictate your entire quality of life. All of us. It is a humbling fact. And unless you are NOT human, that means you too.

What does THAT mean you say? This picture is of neurons in your brain, and dendrites exist at the end of them. It is how the brain "talks" to itself. Sometimes there are mechanical challenges...and anxiety and depression are the result.

You do all kinds of things to manipulate the levels of dopamine and serotinin in your brain ranging from constructive to destructive behaviors. 

About 30-40% of my clients are men. In spite of a long career specializing in women's health, I am deeply committed to making mental health a priority for men. The recent deaths by suicide of some famous men have prompted me to out myself as having a specialty in working with men as clients in therapy. Here are some additional thoughts.

Therapy is a unique business relationship.

Therapy is a contract between me and you. I do not view it at completely unconditional. That is, you have work to do too. But this business relationship is characterized by confidence and safety, veracity and a commitment to your well-being. Who the HECK would not want that?

Therapy is a safe haven for problem solving.

While therapy is very much a relationship, it is a ONE WAY ALLIANCE. It is my job to protect the time and space for the benefit and growth of you. You do not have to worry about retribution for being honest, owning any unintentional outcomes, or having the energy to ask questions and listen in return.

Therapy is not for wimps.

If I could line up the head coaches, executive chefs, CEOs, construction workers, physicians or attorneys that I have seen thrive because of therapy-you would hesitate to disparage them, I assure you.

That being said-therapy is not for everyone.

There is some level of interest in self reflection, owning your stuff and use of language required. (Some women cannot do this either, by the way)

I have told clients that a better use of their money was a housecleaning service (to lower conflict around this at home, for example, as this was a huge stress) or a crossfit gym membership!

I am very pragmatic about the expenditure of resources and sometimes, therapy is not the place to spend.

Therapy can be a game changer.

Call and ask Jessica any of your logistics questions and see if she can schedule a short phone consult with me. If not me, someone else. You are worth being on the to do list.