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 “WELD had Dr. Briggs-Phillips speak at our executive women’s series event on G.R.I.T.…and let me tell you, she was ON FIRE!  There were so many people who wanted to engage with her after her session that she couldn’t have left that room right after the event even if she were to fly out on Air Force One.  Not that everything is about me, but I looked like a genius having her as our speaker!  Think I’m exaggerating?  Check out some of this feedback we received! Wish I could share it all, but there isn’t enough room on her website for all of it!”  - Barb Smoot, President & CEO, WELD

·  I wish our entire office could begin each day with the principles of GRIT!

·  Great speaker, engaging and motivating.

·  Speaker was amazing!

·  Thank you to Melissa for not only providing “meaty” material but also specific “homework” important to drive the point home.

·  Excellent presentation and relevant content!

·  Melissa was an inspiration.  She awakened something in me that wants me to be a better version of myself.

·  Wonderful – outstanding presenter and presentation!  Thank you.

·  Very dynamic speaker!

·  Great session – awesome speaker – thoughtful, insightful, funny.

·  Great topic – learned a lot and now have a longer reading list.

·  Melissa Briggs-Phillips was wonderful.  So much to think about and put into action.

·  Vibrant speaker.

·  Melissa was AWESOME!

·  Fabulous speaker!  She did a great job, very interesting topic.

·  Melissa – Fantastic speaker. 90 minutes flew by – such relevant comments – loved it.  Inspirational.


"Dr. Melissa Briggs-Phillips brings a unique energy, focus, and directness throughout her presentations. She is very dynamic and offers advice, insights and perspectives related to G.R.I.T. that are applicable to any audience. She has been our featured speaker for the last three years (…hope to have her back next year as well!) and she has ALWAYS been one of the most highly rated aspects of our conference.  She is AMAZING and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a keynote/featured speaker who is energetic, dynamic and approachable as well as funny and focused on your audience and purpose."

Jamie Mathews-Mead  Senior Director, Graduate Career Management 

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation.  After reviewing all of the surveys from the OBA Conference, the most popular and well-liked presentation was yours.  I really appreciate your support for our group.  The great comments started from the time you left and continues, regarding how valuable your information was for all of us." -Lori, President of Statewide professional Organization after keynote at annual conference, 2018

Webinar Attendees, 2018

"The content was applicable to me and the delivery was fantastic. Very relatable and the speaker provided action items I can take if I want to seek change in behavior."

"The discussion was well developed to really deliver useful advice for women. We could take it away and apply it to not only our professional life, but our personal life."

"Dr. Melissa brought a different perspective, but was very practical.

It was positive, great tips, organized, energetic, she clearly has passion for and loves what she does, empowering."

Webinar Attendees, 2017

·  Speaker was knowledgeable, upbeat and stayed on topic.

·  The speaker offered interesting insights and tips in an engaging fashion.

·  The content was extremely relevant and the presenter was fantastic, authentic and thoughtful.

·  Dr. Melissa shared important information for personal and professional development. She was very enthusiastic and easy to listen to. Great content.

·  Presented some useful tools for managing different situations that I hadn't contemplated before.

·  Content was great -- very practical and relatable

·  She was a great speaking and had some great talking points!

·  Like the topic and the perspective, a very realistic, manageable approach to life in general, not just work

·  Dr. Melissa was on point and the presentation was very engaging. I really liked the information on her slides and took screen shots of them.

·  Great speaker! Engaged, informed and enthusiastic.

·  Content provided helpful advice professionally as well as personally.

·  Very relatable. Gave a lot of advice and tips that seemed realistic to execute. Very upbeat attitude while still being realistic about the everyday challenges people face.

·  She was a great presenter who could take a lot of information and break it down in a short period of time.

·  Enjoyed the speaker, clearly communicated her message. Appreciated the straight forward approach of delivery.

·  The doctor’s speech was enlightening and inspiring.

Webinar Attendees, 2016

  • Awesome webinar!
  • Dr. Melissa rocks.
  • I didnt know I needed it, but it felt like it was a "battery recharge".
  • I loved the discussion about healthy boundaries.
  • I really liked how she discussed "striving for approval as not a FLAW but an asset to be managed".
  • The idea that "striving for approval is an asset!" What a great thing to hear, all these years I thought of this as such a negative thing about myself".


some examples of content

Dr. Melissa examines Queen Bee Syndrome as podcast guest


Dr. Melissa teaches patients and families with Multiple Sclerosis how to live with G.R.I.T.


Dr. Melissa explains how to tackle Imposter Syndrome on Good Day Columbus